I’m back!!!

14 Mar

Holy.Shit. What’s up??!??!  It’s been soooooo long and I have no one to blame but myself.  I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone too much with my lack of being here, and if so, I’m sorry.  WELL, I have been super busy with work, but that won’t be an issue much longer.  I have been doing my nails, sort of, and I have been taking pictures and what not; but let’s face it, my old cam was a bit on the poopy side.  It was really old and I finally broke down and bought a new one!!!!!!!!! Hooray for me and you sexy bitches!  So excited!!! I think the pictures are much, much better and more consistent with correct color portrayal and overall quality.  As always, please give me some helpful tips for better photos, because I just point, focus and snap–and that’s it, so no process whatsoever.

ANYWAY,  recently Zoya had a sale buy 3 polishes for shipping cost only, which was great because I wanted the Pixie Dusts which were like $10 a pop.  I bought Zoya Payton with my other two polishes, and I’m so mad at myself for waiting so long to buy this one!  It is gorgeous!!!  It is a dark purple/red with a scattered holo (I think?); it’s just effin amazing ok?! Get off my back!

Zoya PaytonSee, I told you so!!! Amazing!! It’s so gorgeous in sunlight, and alas I do my nails at night so……sorry? Forgive me??  Well, you just have to buy it now to see what I’m saying and then thank me later.

I will be posting more (hopefully), I just have to get my shit together!


Happy Holidays!

25 Dec

Hey there you crazy nuts!  Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!! I hope I don’t spark any “Defend Christmas” debates, just wishing all a good holiday season and the worst/best is over :-) or :-(  Hope everyone is enjoying their day(s) off from work!  I promise I will post something nail related relatively soon; I’ve been working 6 days for about a month and half now? I don’t know the last time I had two days off from work in one week,shit’s been rough!!  Love you all!



Gobble, gobble!

28 Nov

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to everyone!!! I’ve been M.I.A. because of work and general life stuff; I work retail so the next few months are going to be shit, all of those that currently and have worked retail will understand.  On that note, don’t be assholes to the workers; they would rather be home with their families but are forced to work due to shitty CEOs.  Shame on those companies that are making their people working later tonight!

FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!

I will try to do a post sometime soon, but I’m running short of manicure ideas and time!!  Enjoy everyone!

Charlie Black?

31 Oct

Hey party people!!!!!! What is going on!?!?  Happy Halloween!!!  Halloween to me is one of the best holidays, just like Thanksgiving and New Years.  I had all intentions of doing two Halloween manis but alas, my laziness got to me and I only did one.  I bought an orange Wet N Wild at Walgreens for a $1, and for a buck it’s a decent polish–#34196.  I originally bought it to stamp pumpkins but I said fuck it, and used it as my base coat in my sweet ass manicure!!!  I also used Finger Paints Black Expressionism to stamp.  I used the new Bundle Monster plates, which are awesome and have amazing images, and they work so well!  Enough jibber jabber, am I right?  Here it is:

Halloween Chevrons

Halloween Chevrons-BM 423

I saw someone do a whole manicure like this, but I was tired and said screw it and I asked my boyfriend for his advice, and did just one finger like he suggested.  I did like the way it turned out, even though it is crooked *whomp,whomp*.  I was so pissed that I messed it up, and my other hand is even worse, I missed like half of my nail and had to semi-double stamp and it doesn’t look too bad.  So pissed.

If you ladies and guys are sporting Halloween manicures, leave me a link or something in the comments! I love seeing what people are doing and their ideas, sometimes I just don’t get inspired and need a kick in the ass!

Adieu my beautifully, polished beauties!

Polka Time!!

14 Oct

Hola pretty pumpkins!  What is going on???  Me? Just chillin like nothin you know.  Pretty uneventful times in my life, which is good, because that means less drama for me! Yay!  I spent some time with my friends Brit and Joe (what up playaz!) on Saturday, it was a good time.  I wasn’t going to go at first; but I went and glad I did, learned some pretty awesome, off-color jokes at that party, which I won’t tell you, so don’t ask!  I haven’t had much time to do my nails, they were naked for almost a week :-o  Shit was crazy, but I recently bought and received two new polishes from Zoya, Pinta and Demi.  I have used Pinta already and it is a GORGEOUS deep purple/navy creme, I am so glad they made it!

On to the more pressing matters, the last manicure I did with some nail art, were some dots! Surprise!  I used China Glaze Fifth Avenue as the base coat,  the white dots are Zoya Purity, and the dark purple dots might be China Glaze Urban Night.  I can’t remember what it was, but I use it a lot for nail art stuff so it’s a good chance.  Also, another exciting development is that my RIGHT hand makes a debut!!!!!  I usually photograph my left hand, because it’s just easier and plus, I liked the way my right hand turned out versus my left hand.  Here it is:

ChG Fifth Avenue, Zoya Purity and ChG Urban Night (?)

ChG Fifth Avenue, Zoya Purity and ChG Urban Night (?)

If I find out which purple I used, I’ll re-edit the pictures or update or some shit.  Anyway, there you have it! Sorry for not sticking to my previous comment of posting more, but it just slips away from me between work and what not.  Ok, you pretties, I’ll talk to you soon!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Gold Star For You!

1 Oct

Hey people! I literally just did the manicure, and it came out ok.  I do like the stamp and how it came out, but I stopped at one because I thought it would be a bit much.  I honestly love this navy, it’s by far my favorite base color, which I often use instead of black to tone it back a bit from emo.  The base color is China Glaze First Mate, the stamping polish is Essie Penny Talk and PUEEN24.

I had naked nails (eek! I know!) for a day, which is just bizarre truly.  I have been wanting to use this stamp for a while, but it’s hard to decide what colors to do with it and it just seems so busy and in your face so I don’t know.  I am currently watching The Only Way is Essex, which is ridiculous lol  You need to watch the show!  Enough said.


The above picture is without a flash, and I tried to get it so the chrome polish is out of control blingy so I messed with the colors and shit.  It’s just a navy polish, but still you know.

CGFirstMateWithEssiePennyTalkFlashThis above picture (the second on the page) is with a flash, which looks a lot better than without a flash.  This is so cute though, I do like the accent nail though.

Do you think I should have done all the fingers or is the accent nail just enough?  Let me know!!!!!!!

Peace out boo!

Flashy Flash

22 Sep

Hey there! What’s that you say?? Another post!!! Holy baby Jesus!!  I do like a good pun, because the polish in this manicure is called Gobsmacked (Butter London).  Oh how I do enjoy it.  Gobsmacked is a gorgeous scattered holo, black polish from Butter London and it’s GORGEOUS!  If you don’t have it, then you must, must get it–it’s worth the $16/bottle, which is available at Ulta.  I’ve been trying to get back into stamping, because for some reason I just stopped introducing it to my manis, but whatevs, I do what I want!  I thought to myself what’s better than holo stamping over a holo polish! Brilliant I say!  I used Color Club Blue Heaven polish for the stamping and it stamps SO WELL, but you have to move quick, otherwise it gets all effed up and it’s not good.  Not. Good (like seeing grandma naked).  Below is a picture without the flash and one with to showcase the stamping. First the non-flash:


It looks ok and  you can kind of see the stamping, but the picture with the flash looks so much better:

BLGobsmackedWithCCandFlashLook at that holo goodness!!!!!!!! YUMMY!  I also like the laser stamp because the holo is so flashy, so what the shit? why not do it laser style!  The stamp is BM 316.  Well, that’s it for now everyone!  Stay tuned for another fantastic adventure in the near future!!  Have a good night!



So Dizzy!

19 Sep

Hey there fellow nail lovers!!! What up?  Not much on this home front, just the same ol’, same ol’ bullshit.  I realized that a lot of my issues center around money, but whose don’t right? So if someone wants to send me like $1 million dollars, I’d be cool with that.  Just putting that out there.  We all know that’s not going to happen, so let’s move on shall we??  I have a confession to make—I haven’t bought a nail polish in about 4 months *gasps heard everywhere*  I know, I know, it’s disgusting :-)  I have been searching through my stash for new to me polishes, aka the ones I have forgotten, and thinking of interesting ways to use them.  Below is an attempt at such:

Zoya Megan and ChG Evening Seduction SwirlsThe base is Zoya Megan, the stamping polish is China Glaze Evening Seduction and the plate is PUEEN 13.  I really liked the effect that came out with the contrasting polishes; it was a lot more noticeable in person.  I just LOVE when an idea comes to fruition and looks amazing!  I rarely have that, so please don’t rain on my parade, or if you must please do so nicely.  It also appears that my nails will never be longer than this, so that makes me sad but I try to cover it with some pretty pretties!  My nails go through spurts, but I have a problem with peeling and breaking of corners which makes my nails a little lopsided at times.  What can a girl do?  I really want to get my hands on some OPI Nail Envy or Nailtiques 2 formula but they are so effin’ expensive! Jesus, kick a girl a break once in a while!  As always, clicking on the picture will make it larger!  I hope you guys and dolls like it as much as I do!

Drop me a line in the comments, I do and would like to hear from you on anything!  Thanks in advance!

Hey, It’s Me Again!

5 Sep

HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!  I’m back to much of your pleasure!  OMG, I missed you guys so much!!! I haven’t blogged in I don’t know how long.  So long story short, I was having computer issues and I couldn’t edit photos and such, but we got that all fixed and BOOM! Here it is.  I’m still in the process of transferring pictures, so I have only new manicures to show you.  I know, how awful! I am obsessed with splatter manicures as you may know, and behold! another one!  The base coat is China Glaze Liquid Leather, the white is Finger Paints Papier Mache and the hot pink is Orly Passion Fruit.  

BlackWhiteHotPinkSplatI also have a new watermark, which I’m not sure I like.  I can’t seem to remember what font I was using on my last one, so I’ll figure it out eventually.  So the order I did this in was black, pink and white, which didn’t turn out too well.  On my other  hand, I did black, white and then pink, which looked TEN TIMES better!  The white overshadowed the hot pink because it was so sheer, so I thought to myself “hey, you put white under neons” and voila! it worked fabulously on my right hand.  Well, enough of the chit-chat y’all, so expect more from me, more frequently!



Update Time!!!

17 Aug

Hey everyone!! I’m writing this from my phone, so sorry if it is short. I have been having some issues with my computer, so I can’t really edit any pictures or anything, so that’s poopy. I’m trying to figure something out, but I don’t know. Sorry to those that are jonesing for some sweet pics!! I’ll post as soon as I can!! See you later party people!


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