Seduce my zebra?

9 Apr

Hey!!! Sooooooo after work, my gorgeous yellow nails were a hot mess so I did a touch up job to do some…………….STAMPING!!!!!!!! I’m new to the stamp game and the only plates I have are the second installment of Bundle Monster plates.  I’m so god dam excited for the new plates to come out!!!!!

Stamping Plate:  Bundle Monster 223

Base Color:  China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Stamping Color: China Glaze Seduce Me

These also remind me of fire so that also reminds me of The Hunger Games trilogy of the Girl on Fire.  I truly love those books, they are amaze balls.


2 Responses to “Seduce my zebra?”

  1. brit 2012/04/09 at 11:04 PM #

    suggestion, maybe take your nail pic with your fingers stretched out and not bent in? maybe will help the retail look on your hands. 🙂

    • lacquerlackey 2012/04/09 at 11:21 PM #

      yeah, I was trying to think of different “finger poses” but you can only do so much. Wish I could take a sweeping side view of my nails so it wouldn’t be so obvious

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