I think I glittered my choco…

24 Apr


Well, god dam hello!!!! I know it has been a while–I tend not to post the colors and/or manicures that I don’t like.  The manicure before the one you are about to see, was a little blah for me and it was not photographing well at all, so I said screw it and I didn’t post it.  I’m not a huge fan of this one either, but it is definitely better than the last.  Without a further ado, here ya go!!!


The base color is Choco Mint from Finger Paints and the glitter is Optical Illusion from China Glaze.  I have never done a glitter tip/gradient ever, mostly because I loathe glitter (and taking it off).  I thought this would be cute with Choco Mint being a jade-ish color and the “liquid” of Optical Illusion is a greenish color as well.  Both of these were awesome to apply, choco mint was  a creme dream (get it??) and the glitter is…..glitter.  I think I might take the plunge and just do Optical Illusion on its own, because JESUS it could be the nail polish savior!  Anyway, enough of my incessant ramblings and I bid you adieu!!


Leave me a comment if you have a better way of doing glitter tips than just hoping for the best, like I did.




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