Bauble Head

14 Aug

Hey people! How are you doing??  Last night, my boyfriend and I finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises and it was pretty good, if I say so.  I really liked Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman, her outfits were amazing!!!  I love her hair too, so jealous! Total girl crush on her.  When I found out she had a pixie cut for Les Miserables, I think my heart stopped. Shall I get back on topic instead of ranting about Anne Hathaway’s hair?? Sure.  So a while ago I saw Nails Inc. Baker Street and I fell in love………*swoon*  I had been wanting it for a while but never could get up to Sephora to get it, because they are the only ones near me that sell Nails Inc.  Yesterday I made the leap, and for a cool $10.38 victory was mine! Another polish I had been trackin down was Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles; it’s a gorgeous dusty navy–fabulous.  I managed to snag this baby from a fellow lacquer head Jen Guin, author of I LOVE this color.  The pictures don’t do it justice 😦

  It just loosk navy, which is super stank. I still  love it though, and it’s amazing.  The application was flawless in true Essie style, just amazing.  Essie is such a great brand and I’m sorry I hadn’t introduced myself to this brand earlier.  Well, with all of my rantings about Anne Hathaway and random polishes, I shall say good bye.



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