Cobalt Blues

26 Aug

Hey guys!!! My quest for the perfect cobalt polish has ended.  The winner that stole my heart:  Nails Inc.’s Baker St.  If you have this polish, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you have any want of a cobalt blue creme finish, then make your way to Sephora or online, because this is stunning.  I went to Sephora and for $10 I bought heaven.  When I was applying the first coat, I think I heard angels singing…..or maybe that was my neighbors arguing.  I don’t know.  I LOVE creme finishes, probably because that’s all I bought when I first started my collection.  Well, get ready people.

Isn’t this GORGEOUS!?!?!??!?!  I just love it so much.  This was my first Nails Inc. purchase and I was NOT disappointed.  O.M.G.  I can’t express how beautiful this is, just look at it!!!

Whew….I think I have to go take a cold shower.  I’m feeling the vapors.

Well, until next time.


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