Time Warp

27 Sep

HEY GUYS!!!!!  I missed you all so much.  What have you guys been up to??!?!?!?  How are the kids doing?? First, I just want to apologize for my severe absence.  For the last week and a half I have had a serious cold and the shit knocked me on my ass to be honest.  The last thing I wanted to be smelling was nail polish fumes, even though that might have cleared up my sinuses…..hmm…… Anyway,  I am feeling much better and just have a gross cough left and I’m back on the polish train! Choo, Choo!!!  To make up for my lack of posting, I’ve been buying polish like a motherf’er, oh yeah I said it. LIKE. A. MOTHERF’ER.  Soon I will have SO MANY pretties to show you!!!! It’ll be magical like a unicorn’s ass!

I have such adoration for blue polishes-be it navy, teal, aqua, turquoise, and any other blue-ish colors I can’t think of right now.  I bought this polish when the China Glaze Electropop Collection came out.  This is such a gorgeous turquoise/teal (?) color.  It’s awesome, if you can get it please do so.

 Then like a day or two later to spruce it up, I decided to use Essie Stroke of Brilliance–pictured below:

I bought this awhile ago and I’m not a fan.  The formula is great and everything, but I just can’t do glitter.  Glitter topcoats are hit or miss for me; it just doesn’t tickle my fancy, if you will.

Well, as always ladies and gents, I’m about to bounce like a ghetto booty and get on with my night. Just a hint here, if you click on the pictures, they will become full size.  If you see a bunch of scratches on my hands, it’s from my adorable, psycho kitten.  Ok, enough rambling!

***FYI Models Own is having a 50% sale until October 2, 2012!!! Use the code SUMMERSALE (must be at least 25 British Pounds or 5 polishes)***



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