West End Girls

29 Oct

Hey guys!!!! Hurricane Sandy is a comin’!!  Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been quite busy at work considering we just had a corporate visit, which went well FYI and so now that that’s over, we can all chill the eff out.  Nothing major has been going on with me lately, just the usual.  The cats are being assholes to each other, which is funny because they just chase each other throughout the apartment.  I like to think of it as them playing?? Right?? RIGHT. 😐  I’m kind of behind on my mani posting, so this one I wore a while ago, maybe like 2 weeks or so, but it is still kick ass none the less.

I love Butter London and I definitely took advantage of the Ulta BOGO event they had a while back and scored some sweet deals on Butter London.  I bought a few that I wouldn’t normally buy because they were free essentially, so I bought Gobsmacked, Vicotoriana, West End Wonderland and Henley Regatta.  Today is West End Wonderland, if you hadn’t guessed already from the title of this post. Here is just a swatch photo of it:


It’s a very pretty warm, glitter BOMB.  It was very easy to work with and amazing formula as always, well done Butter London.  In order to spice it up, I added some tribal-esque stamping to it, which is below:

I know, I know, I know………some of my stamping is crooked.  Don’t crucify me ok? I hadn’t stamped in while and every time I try to fix a mis-stamping I end up ruining the whole look of the manicure so I just left it.  Other than the crooked stamp, I overall liked the way this came out.  I like the glitter as a base and the stamping just adds a little somethin, somethin.  The stamp I used was BM 315.

I would really like to get some different stamping plates, but I’m afraid to buy them and they be poor quality.  If you use any stamping plates other than the BM series, let me know.  As always, just click on the picture to make it much LARGER.






2 Responses to “West End Girls”

  1. vanchicmd 2012/10/31 at 3:00 PM #

    Thanks for the love on my post! I love this nail look! My fave colors for fall are black and gold, so I definitely love this combination =)

    • lacquerlackey 2012/10/31 at 6:18 PM #

      thanks!! I really do appreciate your feedback. It’s like pulling teeth to get comments from people!! 🙂

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