Tip of Love

11 Mar

Howdy all!!!  Just for the record, I have no clue how I have went this long without listening to Lana Del Reys’ album Born to Die.  It’s amazing. Heaven. Omg, so good (I’m listening to it as I write).  Spring is on its way!!! Is anyone else excited about the new spring collections coming out??? I got a 4 of the new China Glaze Avant Garden colors and they are amazing–formulas are great and so is the saturation of color.  I love a good creme finish and in turn I have a ton of them! My favorite navy is China Glaze First Mate–great application and levels itself out which is a really good quality for a creme.  Also, I am subscribed to the Nail Art Society, as you may know; the last one contained these LOVE nail charms/decals.  One day at work I was just daydreaming and thinking of how I can use them and thought I could do a french tip with them.  Here is the evidence:


China Glaze First Mate withe Love CharmsIt came out just like I wanted!!!  You will most likely not see me with a french tip manicure, because my nails are too short normally, so this is as close as it gets.  This is also my first time working with nail charms or anything of this nature.

Few issues I encountered:

    • These are incredibly hard to grab so I used tweezers to pick them up.
    • These DO NOT lay flat so I lost three in the shower the next day and then the rest later that day at work from  snagging on things
    • If you use too much nail glue, it messes up your base coat as you can see on my middle finger


I first used nail glue and tried to bend the decals to my nail shape, so they would lay flatter, but that really didn’t work.  After the nail glue dried, I used topcoat thinking this would help them last longer—WRONG.  It just added more top coat so nothing really accomplished there.  Anyway, I liked the way they looked and how it came out and plus, you can’t go wrong with gold and navy!



***clicking on the picture will make it larger as well*** 


What do you guys think?  Would you ever use these?




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