Seeing Spots

22 Apr

Hey everybody!!! How are you on this fine Monday night? Can I get a what, what Jay-Z style?! Hell yeah, you party animals!  Nothing much going on in my world– apartment searching is the only big thing really.

Anyway, you all know my love affair with stamping, and that I have been having trouble with the PUEEN plates.  I doth think I solved my problem!!!  I discovered if I swipe from the left corner diagonally, and then once from left to right of the image it comes out perfect!!!  So with my new courage and stamping courage I picked PUEEN 04 this time.

Stamping+dots+me= glorious nails!!!! MUA HA HA HA!!!!!  Sorry, guys…….back on topic!  So I saw these awesome dots and some of them were reversals of the other dots, so some were filled in and others weren’t.  I always do stamping with black so I decided to mix it up and add some color.  I painted my nails Fade Into Hue from China Glaze, which is a gorgeous periwinkle creme, and stamped this image using China Glaze Liquid Leather.  Then I took a dotting tool and filled in the filled in dots with Zoya Purity.  Below is the master piece:

ChG Fade Into Hue with Pueen 04 Stamping, Zoya PurityI love the way this came out!  The ring finger is a bit askew, but I always have to get like 2 or 3 fingers done before I get it evened out.  I thought it was a nice way of adding some color to the dark-colored palette.  This is actually the mani I am currently sporting until tomorrow when I change it.  I love this base color!!! China Glaze is DEFINITELY the best in making cremes, they are flawless and the color is amazing!!

Let me know what you guys think of this too and what other colors I should have used or use in the future!!!  Plus, don’t forget if you click the picture it will become bigger, like whoa!

I will see YOU later, have a good night everyone!!!


3 Responses to “Seeing Spots”

  1. TrineMarie 2013/04/22 at 10:43 PM #

    So cute, I love it! 🙂

  2. Polish Alcoholic 2013/04/23 at 1:47 AM #

    Very 80’s. Love it!

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