5 May

Hey everyone!!!  What’s going on??  This weekend thus far has been hell at work, holy balls was it busy!!! Yowza! Thank god it’s over for the most part.  Let’s move on shall we, I change my manicure about once a week, twice if I have the time and energy to.  This was last week’s I think, or maybe it was the first half of this week’s…………..well it was recent either way.

The base color is Revlon’s Colorstay Blue Slate which is a really nice deep blue/gray.  I bought this on a whim while walking through a grocery store and didn’t think anything of it.  As I was sitting there pondering my polish choice, I figured why the hell not and I was pleasantly surprised.  You know my love of dots, so of course I had to break out my dotting tools.  The lightish pink color is Orly Decades of Dysfunction and the bright pink is Orly Passion Fruit.  On my left hand, I thought I would be slick and reverse the pinks, which didn’t work out too well because Passion Fruit is really sheer, but it looked nice anyway.

DotsWithOrlyI messed with the lighting so you could see the dots, which it makes the base look really light, which it isn’t so that was kind of 50/50 deal there.  The picture below is untouched:

SlatedFig1It looks more true to color in this photo than the one above.

It’s a nice color, you should get it and love it!

Well, my dearies, that is all for now.  Clicking on the picture will make it bigger, so that’s a plus right!?!? Dam straight it is!


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