You “butter” fly away!

20 May

Hey everybody, come enjoy the fun of puns!!!!  I LOVE puns, especially really bad ones, I can’t express that enough.  I like to “challenge” myself in thinking of new, witty post titles.  I hope everyone had a good weekend!  It is FINALLY starting to heat up here and I hate it!  I feel like I’m melting, like today it was 84 and I died (<–Rachel Zoe style), it was cray cray.  Ok, so I did this manicure a LOOOONG time ago and this was my second attempt at using the PUEEN plates, so it’s still a rocky.  On one of my fingers you can see where I tried to fix and FAILED miserably 🙂 I like showing these semi-failed manis because, let’s face it, this shit doesn’t always come out looking amazing.  I mess up, and I’m sure many others do too, and I’m not afraid to put it out there.  Let’s do this!!!

CopperButterflyThe base coat is Finger Paints Black Expressionism; stamping color is Essie Penny Talk and stamping plate is PUEEN 04.  I just realized that I did a piss poor clean up job around my cuticles and I apologize.  The one plus about this manicure is that I really like the way the copper butterflies look and I like the pattern.  I do like these sort of stamps, that’s for sure.

SIDE NOTE:  I feel like the post’s title is a punch line for Paula Deen.

I don’t have much more to say, but keep your heads up my lovelies and keep truckin’ on!!!!!!

***Clicking on the picture will make it larger***



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