I think I hurt my pixel

10 Jun

HELLO MY DEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you all so!  It has been too long since we last spoke and not much has happened lol.

Bit of a side not, but a friend of mine named Britany does theater production here in Buffalo and this past weekend, she made her directorial debut, so of course I had to go support her!!!!  It was the first show of hers that I have attended (she usually does musicals and things like that, eek! Not for me), and it was pretty awesome!  It is called Beckett Dances with Pinter and no I won’t describe it for you, you slackers! Find out for yourself! Just wanted to give a shout out to my girl!

Back to le vernis! (<–fancy, watch out!)  As most of you know, Orly released a collection called Mash Up, which I only managed to snag Harmonious Mess, which is a STUNNING, bright periwinkle creme! Fucking fantastic!  They also recently released a MegaPixel FX line, Black Pixel was the only one I bought, because I wasn’t sure if they were textured polishes or what the shit was going on.  Turns out my dearies, that they are like holographic glitter bombs–they dried super fast and they came off like butta! BUTTA!  I thought I would have to drench my fingers in acetone, but definitely not! They’re awesome!!!!!!!

OrlyBlackPixelSwatchMy camera did not do it justice, but here it is by itself. Below is where I added some flowers and said to myself, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

OrlyBlackPixelwithFlowersHere’s the thing with these flowers.  I thought these were hard plastic, holo flowers–well………….they were CLOTH holo flowers that lasted half a day! HALF.A.DAY.  I did them the night before, I took a shower and lost a few of them from washing my hair and it getting caught under the flowers, because they didn’t lay flat.  I also received these flowers in one of the Nail Art Society kits, April’s perhaps??? Don’t quote me on that, but yeah.  I was so pissed when they kept snagging on every fucking little thing.  I ripped most of them off by the end of they day and my nails looked like shit.  POOP!

Highly recommend the Orly MegaPixel FX polishes and the Mash Up collection—-Sparkling Garbage gets A LOT of buzz in the nail world, so watch out for it!  I found both Harmonious Mess and Black Pixel at Sally’s.

Peace out you freak bitch!

Love ya!!!!!


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