Pish Posh

23 Jun

Hey there fellow humans!!!  I am back and emerge victorious with a day off from work! Yay!!!  I usually post things here on my days off, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to do shit and that happens right?  Well, as everyone knows by now, Kim Kardashian had her baby, which means Kate Middleton should be giving birth to the new heir of the throne soon enough! I really hope she has a girl because she would be so pretty!!!

Anyway, Butter London decided to make a limited edition “baby polish” named Pitter Patter and I had to have it!!!!!  Being from the US you know how much shipping is from the UK and there was no way I was paying almost $30 for a bottle of nail polish.  Then a friend of mine got ahold of it for half off and she bought me one and it was mine!!! MUA HA HA!!!!!  It is a STUNNING deep purple shimmer polish and I instantly fell in love with it when I saw the release picture.  As you know, my camera isn’t the best so sometimes it’s hard to capture the subtleties of some polishes, but god damn it I try my best!!!!  Below are 2 pictures, one is just a swatch itself and the other is a bedazzled version!


BLPitterPatterStonesAs you can see, it is beautiful!  I tried to mess with it as much as I could to try to capture the awesomeness of the polish.  The formula was great, no surprises there, and I was really, really happy with it on!  I’m a sucker for dark, vampy colors and for some reason, I gravitate towards dark purples and blues.  I don’t know, but this is amazing. The rhinestones are from one of the Nail Art Society kits fyi.

*drops the mic*



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