I Salute Thee

5 Jul

Hello everybody!!! Before you say anything, yes I know I’m a day late but damn give me a break!  So, how was everyone’s 4th of July?? I went to my boyfriend’s parent house for dinner and it was delicious!!!!!  She made ribs, beans, salad, corn on the cob, and yes, homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing and oh yes, it was delicious!!!  I know what you all really came here for, so I’ll cut the jibber jabber.

This post serves as a double whammy!!!  As you know, it was my 4th of July mani and a product review!!! My very first!!!!  I do believe I got the vapors *in a southern accent*  A company named KKCenterHK, which sells numerous items.  They approached me with several options and I oped to do the Nail Star Glitter Mix, which is PERFECT for the 4th of July!  The stars are red, white and blue and quite reflective, like little mirrors on my nails, but less dangerous.  The one I chose is listed as Mix Star Glitter.  As soon as I receive these I knew exactly what to do!!!! Without further ado:

4thOfJulySwatchThis is just a swatch picture with flash before I added the sparkles, which the white is Zoya Purity, red is China Glaze China Rogue and the navy is China Glaze First Mate.  I love First Mate, I can’t say it enough, you need to get it! BUY IT!

4thOfJulyWithStarsThis is the sparkles!!!!!!  Aren’t they so perfect and patriotic??  These came in multiple colors, but I picked these ones out of the tub and it was worth it!!!  See, here’s my problem.  I am not artsy/crafty so when I have to “glue” things to my nails, I’m just going in blind, balls to the walls cray.  I guess I didn’t wait long enough for my base to dry, because the nail glue made the color run and it got on some of the stars.  My bad.  On the review part:  these were easy to work with, I could place them quickly enough so I didn’t glue them on myself.  The only issue I had is that they started to curl about a day after wear, which I assume is from the heat and hot water from showering and perhaps not enough top coat?? I don’t know, but I liked them and will mos def be using them again in the near future!

So there you have it my pretties!!!  4th of July Manicure and a review, what?!  I be mulitaskin’ y’all!

The opinions above are mine and mine alone; I was not paid to give such opinions.  The nail art decals were provided to me by KKCenterHK for a product review.


***as always, clicking on a picture will make it larger***



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