Gold Star For You!

1 Oct

Hey people! I literally just did the manicure, and it came out ok.  I do like the stamp and how it came out, but I stopped at one because I thought it would be a bit much.  I honestly love this navy, it’s by far my favorite base color, which I often use instead of black to tone it back a bit from emo.  The base color is China Glaze First Mate, the stamping polish is Essie Penny Talk and PUEEN24.

I had naked nails (eek! I know!) for a day, which is just bizarre truly.  I have been wanting to use this stamp for a while, but it’s hard to decide what colors to do with it and it just seems so busy and in your face so I don’t know.  I am currently watching The Only Way is Essex, which is ridiculous lol  You need to watch the show!  Enough said.


The above picture is without a flash, and I tried to get it so the chrome polish is out of control blingy so I messed with the colors and shit.  It’s just a navy polish, but still you know.

CGFirstMateWithEssiePennyTalkFlashThis above picture (the second on the page) is with a flash, which looks a lot better than without a flash.  This is so cute though, I do like the accent nail though.

Do you think I should have done all the fingers or is the accent nail just enough?  Let me know!!!!!!!

Peace out boo!


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