Charlie Black?

31 Oct

Hey party people!!!!!! What is going on!?!?  Happy Halloween!!!  Halloween to me is one of the best holidays, just like Thanksgiving and New Years.  I had all intentions of doing two Halloween manis but alas, my laziness got to me and I only did one.  I bought an orange Wet N Wild at Walgreens for a $1, and for a buck it’s a decent polish–#34196.  I originally bought it to stamp pumpkins but I said fuck it, and used it as my base coat in my sweet ass manicure!!!  I also used Finger Paints Black Expressionism to stamp.  I used the new Bundle Monster plates, which are awesome and have amazing images, and they work so well!  Enough jibber jabber, am I right?  Here it is:

Halloween Chevrons

Halloween Chevrons-BM 423

I saw someone do a whole manicure like this, but I was tired and said screw it and I asked my boyfriend for his advice, and did just one finger like he suggested.  I did like the way it turned out, even though it is crooked *whomp,whomp*.  I was so pissed that I messed it up, and my other hand is even worse, I missed like half of my nail and had to semi-double stamp and it doesn’t look too bad.  So pissed.

If you ladies and guys are sporting Halloween manicures, leave me a link or something in the comments! I love seeing what people are doing and their ideas, sometimes I just don’t get inspired and need a kick in the ass!

Adieu my beautifully, polished beauties!


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