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Just Imogen It…

18 Jan

Hello All!!! I hope your weekend and Monday were good, because who the hell likes Monday!? This past weekend was pretty awesome, I bought my wedding dress!!!! YOWZA! Mad props to my main girl Brit sticking it out with me through 3 dress shops! Third time is the charm right!!

This a bit of a throwback to when the Zoya Pixie Dust came out.  If you have followed my blog at all, you know I’m not the biggest fan of glitter.  Zoya polish and I have a love/hate relationship: I love the polish but it doesn’t like me.  I cannot get it to wear on me for a decent time; it’s a real pain in the balls.  When the Pixie Dust came out, I couldn’t resist their promotion, because seriously who?!  I bought Imogen, Vega and London. Below is Zoya Imogen:

Zoya Imogen WM

I believe this is three coats (+ top coat), which at that point it started to get goopy at the tips.  It is a jam packed glitter bomb, slap-yo- mama kind of nail polish!  I think the longest this wore on me was 3 days…..maybe.  If I used a base coat of black maybe it would stay longer??? I’ll try next time and report!

Leave a comment please………………..I get lonely 😦

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings once more and good night!



What an adventure!

4 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I shouldn’t have left you without a dope mani to see to! (<– see what I did there)  It is so sad that my last post was on last year’s New Years!

Wish I had a good reason as to why I haven’t posted in so long, but I’ll spare you the b.s. and just admit that I was lazy.  Sorry :-/

2015 was a pretty eventful year as in I finally got out of my dead end retail job and I got ENGAGED!!!! AHH, wedding madness and this shit is no joke.

Plus, not relevant to the prior paragraph, but I am on Instagram now @lacquerlackey  <– Click the link to check it out!

No segue. Back to the nails!  This is a new to me brand, Cirque, which operates out of NYC.  They have a crazy following and I finally got a few and this was amazing!! It’s a blue crelly with bar (ugh!) and micro glitter.  I don’t like bar glitter and have pretty much avoided any polishes that have it.  I made an exception for this because the bar glitter is very minimal, tiny and it’s navy, so of course I had to have it!

Cirque Tibetan Nights WatermarkedCirque Tibetan Nights Watermarked 2Cirque Tibetan Nights Watermarked 3

The three photos above are 4 coats! It’ll take some time to build opacity, but damn it, it’s WORTH it!  I did not use a base and would probably, maybe put some navy under this beast!  The COLOR: amazing! The FORMULA: amazing!  A++ in my book; highly recommend!

Until next time my lovelies!!!

West End Girls

29 Oct

Hey guys!!!! Hurricane Sandy is a comin’!!  Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been quite busy at work considering we just had a corporate visit, which went well FYI and so now that that’s over, we can all chill the eff out.  Nothing major has been going on with me lately, just the usual.  The cats are being assholes to each other, which is funny because they just chase each other throughout the apartment.  I like to think of it as them playing?? Right?? RIGHT. 😐  I’m kind of behind on my mani posting, so this one I wore a while ago, maybe like 2 weeks or so, but it is still kick ass none the less.

I love Butter London and I definitely took advantage of the Ulta BOGO event they had a while back and scored some sweet deals on Butter London.  I bought a few that I wouldn’t normally buy because they were free essentially, so I bought Gobsmacked, Vicotoriana, West End Wonderland and Henley Regatta.  Today is West End Wonderland, if you hadn’t guessed already from the title of this post. Here is just a swatch photo of it:


It’s a very pretty warm, glitter BOMB.  It was very easy to work with and amazing formula as always, well done Butter London.  In order to spice it up, I added some tribal-esque stamping to it, which is below:

I know, I know, I know………some of my stamping is crooked.  Don’t crucify me ok? I hadn’t stamped in while and every time I try to fix a mis-stamping I end up ruining the whole look of the manicure so I just left it.  Other than the crooked stamp, I overall liked the way this came out.  I like the glitter as a base and the stamping just adds a little somethin, somethin.  The stamp I used was BM 315.

I would really like to get some different stamping plates, but I’m afraid to buy them and they be poor quality.  If you use any stamping plates other than the BM series, let me know.  As always, just click on the picture to make it much LARGER.





There Has to be a Better Way….

2 Oct

Hey!!!  I got a bunch of new polishes recently so get ready for some noobs!  I was browsing my usual nail blogs and landed on Chalkboard Nails.  I check her blog every day, with many others, and her ability for nail art is AMAZING.  Anyway, a while ago she did a review of an indie brand, Happy Hands, which has a store on Etsy (<–click the link).  Happy Hands loves Arrested Development so much, she devoted a whole collection to it (I’ve Made a Huge Mistake Collection). How AWESOME!!! So naturally, I had to get one!!!  I bought I Just Blue Myself which is a classic line from our favorite, wholesome “analrapist” Tobias.  Sarah of Chalkboard Nails had worn it over black and I’m so glad I did the same; so in short, I copied her mani.  She’s brilliant, really, check her blog out here.

Look at how gorgeous it is!!!!!!!!!  It reminds me of deep, dark sea water; somewhere deep down where you would find this monster! EEK!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!

The only problem I had with this glitter bomb- diggity, is that it was a bit goopy.  That’s the only negative comment I have about it.  It was PACKED with glitter so no matter how many coats you did, be it 1 or 3, you had some glitter and lots of it.  I think I did 2 coats, I don’t know…….I tend to go a bit cray cray when I use glitter top coats.

ALSO, please excuse the shitty clean up job, it looks so gross up close, I’m so ashamed. 😦 Please don’t ban me from the polish world.  I know some people have issues with other people posting pictures where their cuticles are all fucked up and what not.  Oh well, I tried and obviously it didn’t work very well.  Anyway, I shall be going now!


***I bought this polish with my own money, so this is my unadulterated review of Happy Hands I Just Blue Myself***

Time Warp

27 Sep

HEY GUYS!!!!!  I missed you all so much.  What have you guys been up to??!?!?!?  How are the kids doing?? First, I just want to apologize for my severe absence.  For the last week and a half I have had a serious cold and the shit knocked me on my ass to be honest.  The last thing I wanted to be smelling was nail polish fumes, even though that might have cleared up my sinuses…..hmm…… Anyway,  I am feeling much better and just have a gross cough left and I’m back on the polish train! Choo, Choo!!!  To make up for my lack of posting, I’ve been buying polish like a motherf’er, oh yeah I said it. LIKE. A. MOTHERF’ER.  Soon I will have SO MANY pretties to show you!!!! It’ll be magical like a unicorn’s ass!

I have such adoration for blue polishes-be it navy, teal, aqua, turquoise, and any other blue-ish colors I can’t think of right now.  I bought this polish when the China Glaze Electropop Collection came out.  This is such a gorgeous turquoise/teal (?) color.  It’s awesome, if you can get it please do so.

 Then like a day or two later to spruce it up, I decided to use Essie Stroke of Brilliance–pictured below:

I bought this awhile ago and I’m not a fan.  The formula is great and everything, but I just can’t do glitter.  Glitter topcoats are hit or miss for me; it just doesn’t tickle my fancy, if you will.

Well, as always ladies and gents, I’m about to bounce like a ghetto booty and get on with my night. Just a hint here, if you click on the pictures, they will become full size.  If you see a bunch of scratches on my hands, it’s from my adorable, psycho kitten.  Ok, enough rambling!

***FYI Models Own is having a 50% sale until October 2, 2012!!! Use the code SUMMERSALE (must be at least 25 British Pounds or 5 polishes)***


Tough Art?!……

8 Aug

WATCH OUT!!!!!  Got a new post coming at ya! So, last night I thought I would try out a polish I have had sitting around. WELL, apparently it was a jelly polish.  I bought this shade on sale from Sally’s, which is really the only beauty supply store available to me as far as I know.  Well, this shade sucked something fierce.  If all jelly polishes are like this, then I am definitely not a fan.  I know they are suppose to be sheer and be layered upon each other, but fuck that ( pardon my French).  This was awful and as soon as it hit my nail, I knew I made a huge mistake ( Arrested Devlopment reference, why yes please!)  Here is the atrocity:

I hated it so much in that this happened shortly thereafter:

GLITTER BOMB!!!!!!!  This is China Glaze’s Fairy Dust, this is like 3 or 4 coats of it.  I just kept piling it on thinking this fairy dust would turn shit to gold, guess not :-/.  I am NOT a fan of glitter, so these are pretty desperate measures for me.  The base color is Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow.  So, if you’re into jelly polishes this is  a nice deep green jelly.

That my friends is how you rant. BOOM!  If you have any thoughts or suggestions how I get over my hatred for jelly polishes or something, drop me a comment.  I like to hear from people on stuff like this, so please feel free!!!!

Until next time……………

I think I glittered my choco…

24 Apr


Well, god dam hello!!!! I know it has been a while–I tend not to post the colors and/or manicures that I don’t like.  The manicure before the one you are about to see, was a little blah for me and it was not photographing well at all, so I said screw it and I didn’t post it.  I’m not a huge fan of this one either, but it is definitely better than the last.  Without a further ado, here ya go!!!


The base color is Choco Mint from Finger Paints and the glitter is Optical Illusion from China Glaze.  I have never done a glitter tip/gradient ever, mostly because I loathe glitter (and taking it off).  I thought this would be cute with Choco Mint being a jade-ish color and the “liquid” of Optical Illusion is a greenish color as well.  Both of these were awesome to apply, choco mint was  a creme dream (get it??) and the glitter is…..glitter.  I think I might take the plunge and just do Optical Illusion on its own, because JESUS it could be the nail polish savior!  Anyway, enough of my incessant ramblings and I bid you adieu!!


Leave me a comment if you have a better way of doing glitter tips than just hoping for the best, like I did.



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