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Double Trouble.

28 Jul

Hey!  It’s been a while since we last spoke and I got another gold mine for ya!  I think one of the first few manicures I did was a splatter and I almost passed out.  If you have ever done one or attempted to do one, you know what I’m talking about.  That shit is serious.  I was really excited when I saw the splatter stamp on the new Bundle Monster plates.  I painted my base with OPI My Vampire is Buff and I didn’t like the way it looked: streaky, bald spots, and just kind of odd-looking.  I stamped over it and this is the result:

Splatter Double Stamp

I stamped with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy over Tani black polish.  This is without the flash and the one below is with the flash so you can see the neon:

Splatter With Flash


On both, I stamped with stamp and then the second time I stamped it upside down to achieve a true splatter effect.

What do you think???



21 Jul

Hey!!!  Just hanging out, got my nails did (by me)….. LIKE A BOSS.  I’m just getting over a cold and I only did my nails once last week! GASP!!  This past weekend my boyfriend, Andrew, was in a wedding and it was so much fun!  The groom was a close friend of his from high school and the bride is awesome; they fit each other really well and make an amazing couple.  Fun times were had and a whole lot of drinking happened, which is more than I’m used to and I paid the price this week.  I painted my nails with Nails Inc Baker Street and it lasted a really long time, which is unusual for me because my manis last about 2-3 days.  I think Baker Street made it almost a whole week!!! A.WHOLE.WEEK.

This mani below didn’t last as long, so behold the beauty of GOLD…………

Essie With OPII waited and searched for the Mariah Carey Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Top Coat, because $40 was a bit extreme.  I waited and waited until alas, it appeared on Ebay for $20!  I bought it shortly after Christmas, and just got around to using it and it was kind of disappointing.  For some reason, I expected a lot more, even though I had bought the Zoya top coat which is similar, but I don’t know; it was a let down.  I do like the way this applied because it looks like I did a gradient.  The base is Essie Go Overboard by the way.

Anyone else have this?? Did you feel the same way when you used it? Leave me a comment with what your experience was like too.

Can you dot me bro?

3 Jul

What up, what up??  Hope everyone has their plans set and made for tomorrow!!! I will be  working til 4 and then I’m free!!  I have no plans, but who knows.  No need to go anywhere to see fireworks considering every house on our street does their own in the middle of the street.  Safety first kids!  One year it was so bad, we had to close all of our windows due to the smell of sulfur.

Unfortunately, you will not be seeing any 4th of July nails from me due to my plan completely fucking tanking!  So pissed, but I like what I did anyway, so win/win??  I had a great idea of a two-colored stamp on white nails and it looked so cute in my head, but apparently that’s where it stopped.  These nails coming at you in this post are no way related to the 4th of July so…..I guess that’s my segue!

OPI Dots

Whenever I do dots, I always seem to do them in this curve like you see above, which maybe you have noticed.  I don’t know why, so that’s about it for that.  I tried to do a gradient dotticure that I saw on Chalkboard Nails, but mine did not end up anything like hers.  Maybe it scared me into not doing dotticures, so instead you get this.  The dots are China Glaze Urban night (deep purple), Fade Into Hue (periwinkle blue) and the base is OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I wanted something light, because I tend to gravitate towards dark colors, so this is what I conjured up.

Tomorrow is 4th of July and I shall maybe have another post for you, but if I don’t “see” you then, have a safe, long weekend!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

29 May

Hey, what up?  Your eyes do not deceive you, this is another post!!!!  OMG, like wha??  I think I just tinkled a little…how about you?  I’ve really started to get back into stamping, because I can’t draw worth a shit.  I mean, if you ask me to draw a circle, you’ll get an oval or some other random shape.  The drawing skill must have skipped me because my older brother and younger sister are incredible artists, me?? Not so much.  Also, for a while I had convinced myself that stamping takes way too long, and that I didn’t want to ruin my mani if I messed up the stamping.

Discovering stamping plates was the best thing for me, because after seeing Sarah (Chalkboard Nails) and Sammy (the Nailasaurus) and their KILLER art/skill, you start to  feel a bit inadequate, like “shit, that’s not real.  Did they really draw that?”…then you start weeping into your acetone.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what the hell this stamp was: arrows? fish bones? I had no idea, so I just went with it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised on how it looked and turned out.  I was particularly proud of these nails because I got them ALL to face the same direction ON BOTH HANDS.


The base is OPI My Vampire is Buff, black is Tani brand, blue is China Glaze First Mate and the plate is BM 410.  When I looked at the OPI bottle I had just used, I was confused because I had completely forgot that I owned MVIB.  It makes you happy and then you realized “oh shit, maybe I have too many if I can’t remember what I own?”  Then I laughed because that’s crazy talk!

See ya later peeps!



11 Sep


Hey guys! What is up????  I’m in my second week of my new job and things are ok I guess.  Just waiting for my sweet ass check to come in! Cha ching!!!!!  Yesterday was the kick ass Butter London BOGO event at Ulta and I scored FOUR (4) for $30! It would usually be around $60!!!! Killer!!!!!!

Back to the polish…………….there are no Butter London’s in this post, so that’s completely unrelated but awesome!  I did this mani last week when I was feeling adventurous and got my splatter on!  I really do like splatter manis because, even though all of the fingers are different, there’s still a sense of uniformity.  I think I’ll try it with multiple colors, not just the two.  Hmmmm, oh the decisions!  THE DECISIONS!!!!!!!!

Here it is:

The base color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and the “splat” is Orly Ages of Dysfunction.  This is the thing that bothered me about this mani–the colors look like black and white!  The OPI is actually a really deep purple and the Orly is a pale pinkish color.  No matter how hard I tried they just looked like black and white.  I promise they are the aforementioned colors!

Well, I guess until next time!!

Auf wiedersehen.


11 Jul

Hey party people!!!! I actually have a current mani pic to post!!!! I did these nails yesterday afternoon while watching Criminal Minds.  I watch that show all the time, I have probably seen each episode like 5 times.  It’s always on tv!!!! I just can’t resist…….  Criminal Minds has nothing to do with this mani, but damn that show is good.  I love cop shows.  Ok, sorry, I’m off topic.

I really haven’t had much time to use the new Bundle Monster plates, this is my second usage of these plates.  The first mani I did last week with the plates will be up next, I just wasn’t feeling it for today.  So the 3rd set of Bundle Monster plates are outstanding!!!!  They have such excellent detail and are amazing!  Anyway, this is from plate 323, it’s the rose stamp.  You can see every detail in the petals in the rose bud, it’s just fantastic.

Base color: OPI Russian Navy

Stamp Color: Finger Paints Paper Mache

Stamp: Bundle Monster 323

I just love how the roses actually look like roses, not blobs that resemble roses.  I tried to do red and white roses, but that was shit so you get white. Boo!! Reds are so hard to work with, they are either too dark or too red.  I’m not a fan of red polishes, never have but yet I have 3 for some reason.  I don’t know how that shit happened, but it did and I’m sad.

Enjoy peeps!!! Catch you on the streetz

Weren’t you on Cheetahs?

8 May

Hey you crazy S.O.B.s!!! How have you been?!?  Sorry for pulling a David Copperfield on you and vanishing, but I’ve been so busy with work and preparing the apartment for a NEW KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!  He is the most gorgeous thing you will ever see!!!!!  In February, I had to put down my sweet kitty Gypsy (all black with stunning green eyes)– she had kidney failure, so until recently we have been a one cat household.  My current cat Hopper, which is a Maine Coone, is feeling a bit jealous with the new kitty in the house.  Anyway, the new kitten is black with white markings on his belly, all four paws are white—-just so STUNNING!!!!!  We think he is a Snowshoe cat, but I don’t know.  He and his siblings were caught in a barn on farm, so we are just Googling a lot and hoping for the best!  ENOUGH of my cat ramblings, and bet your ass that there will be pictures of him on here very soon!

SOOOOO this manicure was inspired by the neon/nude combo that I’ve seen lately.  I really like the idea of something so subtle with a kick, big fan!!!

The base color is OPIs Didn’t you ‘Ear About Van Gogh~~~Stamping Color is China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy~~~Stamping Plate:  BM 221

This was taken by my camera, but my camera on my EVO took a better picture so here that is ( you can really see the neon pop):


OK, that was a whammy of a post!!!  With my cat ramblings bordering on Crazy Cat Lady and my double picture duo—-hopefully this can hold you fiends over (for a little bit, at least)!!!  ENJOY

Like Butta!!

16 Apr

Hey party people!!! I FINALLY found my camera cable!!!  You can now get semi-professional looking pictures other than the ones I take with my Evo.  SOOOOO, I went to Ulta this weekend and got a few things.  I know my cuticles are busted so I got the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm and GOD DAMN that shit is amazing!!!!!  I used it once and BOOM look at those cuticles!!! They look a bit dry because of the acetone to clean up the polish.  Anyway,  I picked up Zoya Bevin , OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and my FIRST ever Butter London in La Moss–which I brought to you today!!!!




No wonder people are crazy over Butter London– I was a little apprehensive to buy it because it’s $18/bottle, but JESUS is it worth it!  It is so easy to apply, self-levening, rich color, excellent coverage, just A++++++++++  I will most definitely be buying some more!!!  LOVED it

Anyway, I’m off to watch Bethenny Ever After and to clean up my nail painting station, because damn…….yeah.  Ok, people peace out mother f***ers!!!!!

****I bought these polishes and the opinions stated above are mine solely****

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