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Can you dot me bro?

3 Jul

What up, what up??  Hope everyone has their plans set and made for tomorrow!!! I will be  working til 4 and then I’m free!!  I have no plans, but who knows.  No need to go anywhere to see fireworks considering every house on our street does their own in the middle of the street.  Safety first kids!  One year it was so bad, we had to close all of our windows due to the smell of sulfur.

Unfortunately, you will not be seeing any 4th of July nails from me due to my plan completely fucking tanking!  So pissed, but I like what I did anyway, so win/win??  I had a great idea of a two-colored stamp on white nails and it looked so cute in my head, but apparently that’s where it stopped.  These nails coming at you in this post are no way related to the 4th of July so…..I guess that’s my segue!

OPI Dots

Whenever I do dots, I always seem to do them in this curve like you see above, which maybe you have noticed.  I don’t know why, so that’s about it for that.  I tried to do a gradient dotticure that I saw on Chalkboard Nails, but mine did not end up anything like hers.  Maybe it scared me into not doing dotticures, so instead you get this.  The dots are China Glaze Urban night (deep purple), Fade Into Hue (periwinkle blue) and the base is OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I wanted something light, because I tend to gravitate towards dark colors, so this is what I conjured up.

Tomorrow is 4th of July and I shall maybe have another post for you, but if I don’t “see” you then, have a safe, long weekend!


Polka Time!!

14 Oct

Hola pretty pumpkins!  What is going on???  Me? Just chillin like nothin you know.  Pretty uneventful times in my life, which is good, because that means less drama for me! Yay!  I spent some time with my friends Brit and Joe (what up playaz!) on Saturday, it was a good time.  I wasn’t going to go at first; but I went and glad I did, learned some pretty awesome, off-color jokes at that party, which I won’t tell you, so don’t ask!  I haven’t had much time to do my nails, they were naked for almost a week 😮  Shit was crazy, but I recently bought and received two new polishes from Zoya, Pinta and Demi.  I have used Pinta already and it is a GORGEOUS deep purple/navy creme, I am so glad they made it!

On to the more pressing matters, the last manicure I did with some nail art, were some dots! Surprise!  I used China Glaze Fifth Avenue as the base coat,  the white dots are Zoya Purity, and the dark purple dots might be China Glaze Urban Night.  I can’t remember what it was, but I use it a lot for nail art stuff so it’s a good chance.  Also, another exciting development is that my RIGHT hand makes a debut!!!!!  I usually photograph my left hand, because it’s just easier and plus, I liked the way my right hand turned out versus my left hand.  Here it is:

ChG Fifth Avenue, Zoya Purity and ChG Urban Night (?)

ChG Fifth Avenue, Zoya Purity and ChG Urban Night (?)

If I find out which purple I used, I’ll re-edit the pictures or update or some shit.  Anyway, there you have it! Sorry for not sticking to my previous comment of posting more, but it just slips away from me between work and what not.  Ok, you pretties, I’ll talk to you soon!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Smack Dat

28 Nov

HEY PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!  What’s going on??? How was your Thanksgiving for those Americans out there??  Mine was really good, went to my boyfriend’s parents’ house and she made this beef dish that was to die for!  Then for dessert, she made tiramisu–which was fucking amazing!!!!!! Pardon my french of course!  It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time, she is like Betty Crocker minus the whole submissive housewife part.  Well, I’ve been a swatching fiend but haven’t had time or the energy to post anything lately, sorry folks!!! I work in retail and we just bared Black Friday just in time for Christmas–yay! 😦

As the title suggests in a round about way, this mani features the amazing Butter London Gobsmacked with some more………..you guessed it!………DOTS!!!!!!!  Now, I’ve been eyeing Gobsmacked for a while now, and I took the plunge during the Ulta BOGO Free sale and it was the best decision I made! It. Is. Gorgeous.  Just look at it!!!!!

 Look at its beauty!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! *runs around*

In other news, the stamping contest I entered ended November 26 and they haven’t announed the winners yet!!!! I’m dying over here to see if I was 1 of 3 winners!!! The prizes were awesome too; Butter London’s Holiday Trio, Zoya Ornate collection and some indies from Amy’s Boutique—–ballin!!!!

Ok, well I’ll talk to you guys later!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

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